A picture is worth a thousand words. Please enjoy the slideshow below of some of the wonderful people I have had the privilege of meeting and painting, many in life sittings, over the last twenty years working as a professional portrait artist. I thank each and every one of them for placing their trust in me. I look forward to the people I meet and paint next.





































" I couldn’t be more delighted (with the portrait) and look forward to finding a place for it at home." —Mr. Christopher Forbes.


"The portrait is delightful, sweet and expressive! Thank you so much for all your persistence, your flexibility, your kindness and, above all, your talent!" -Mr. Timothy Forbes, grandchild portrait.


"It's a first! (having a portrait painted) I have lived a life that has had a lot of firsts. It's a thoughtful thing to have someone take the time to do this. Johanna has perfected her art her whole life and I got the benefit of it..." Kevin Costner


"What I love about the portrait of me is that I'm extremely comfortable living with it and it has become an essential part of our home. The technicians from the Gibson Guitar Company were very impressed with the reproduction of their beautiful guitar which was a gift to me from Sir Elton John. The comical aspect is the fact that when I originally sat for Jo , I had just had my very long hair cut , and so when Jo next saw me with a SEVERE parting and much longer hair I think she was i bit peeved ! Like , " how dare you change your hairstyle ! Anyway, we LOVE it."
—Davey Johnstone, lead guitarist, musical director, Elton John Band


"An artist who exposes a part of your soul that had been invisible, transcends to truly a spiritual giver of Art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - in this case it is in the eyes of Johanna Spinks who paints the soul."
—Lesley-Anne Down


"The painting looks absolutely wonderful... just great." —Paul Sunderland, L.A. Lakers TV Sportscaster


"You have now become in my estimation the finest painter in America (can't speak for Spain of course). I am so honoured that you spent time painting me.  I am proud to tell you that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gaspesian British Heritage Center, a certified Canadian museum, has asked for my portrait to be hung in the Almond Art Center where the finest artists of the region display their paintings and sculptures every summer. I am proud to have my portrait hung there in perpetuity,"  Mr. Paul Almond, awarded the Order of Canada, highest civilian honor,  writer/film director, Canada.


"From the second I spoke to Johanna on the phone, I knew she was the absolute perfect person for the job I was looking for. I felt like she understood exactly what I wanted and listened so intently to make sure she got every detail. She seemed so passionate about what I wanted and even offered to do research and visit some of the places that would help her get a better feel for the painting. Johanna responded quickly to all my emails and was in touch with me throughout the whole process. The finished product was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I would hire Johanna again in a second and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a painting!! Thanks Johanna, you were amazing!!", Jennifer K., Long Beach, C.A. 


“It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive the 2012 Mayor Arts Award in the Artist in the Community category. I appreciate the commitment you have made to our cultural community and am pleased to have the opportunity to honor you. Through dedication and enthusiasm of individuals such as you, Ventura continues to make great strides in becoming California’s New Art City,” Mayor Mike Tracy


"I had always envisioned a painting of my children playing on the beach adorning the wall of my living room. I was searching to find an artist who not only was skilled at portraits, but landscapes, as well. I wanted to be sure the artist could capture the essence of the Santa Monica mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the sand, as well as my children. I looked into many different artists. As soon as I met Johanna, I knew she was the one. She listened so intently; I knew she really understood my vision. She had clearly prepared for our photo shoot on the beach, with props to complement my vision. It was clearly a joint creative process and a joy to work with her. Because of her excellent preparation, she was able to do the photo shoot quickly and worked very well connecting with my three young children.  She invited me to her studio to see the beginning stages of the painting, where we jointly discussed the direction we would like the painting to go. When I arrived at her studio to see the finished painting, tears came to my eyes. Johanna had managed to capture my vision of my three children playing on the beach, with the colors I had in mind, along with others that I couldn’t have imagined would complement the essence of my vision. She beautifully painted the landscape, as well. Johanna has created a treasured family heirloom that will be in our family for centuries." Lisa C., Malibu, CA.


"Just a thank you note reaffirming delight with the portrait and the pleasant experience through the enire commissioning process. The painting captures beautifully the scale, the composition including the requested elements, the detail, and the color palate, contributing a special warmth and charm to the subject. From the early phone and e-mail communications, through the first meeting and sitting, and finally the "presentation" you projected professionalism , competence, sensitivity and a reassuring interest. Well done! Extra thanks for your personal time in facilitating the delivery to it final destination. May all your clients be as satisfied.” T.L., Northern C.A.


"Johanna's paintings are filled with the joy of life; they are passionate and colorful." - Mr. Everett Raymond Kinstler, N.A., painter of eight American presidents.


"We LOVE the portrait. Thank you so much. Josie is so proud and shows everyone immediately when they come to our house 😂. I think Florence is jealous so we will have to set something up for her as soon as she is old enough!" Mrs. S. B., Charleston, S.C.


"Johanna is a true professional and master painter. I had a lovely experience working with her after she had completed the 'Face of Ventura' project. My father-in-law was one of the 'lucky' faces, and my office was proud to have the collection on display for several months. I have to say each and every one of the 57 faces was a true work of art, clearly representing the heart and soul of the sitter. Johanna is a lovely person inside and out and her ability to capture the human spirit in her work is unmatched. My family will forever be grateful of the portrait she painted of my father-in-law proudly wearing his officer hat from World War II. Thank you Johanna!", Cheryl G., Ventura, Calfiornia.


"Words can not describe how thankful we are for meeting Johanna. I have used Johanna twice now for commissioned paintings. We loved our first painting so much, we couldn't help but call her to make us something else for our collection. I sent Johanna pictures and discussed with her an idea I had for our second painting. I totally left it up to her to create the vision i was looking for. Johanna kept me updated every step of the way, and she outdid everything i could have envisioned for this painting. She really understood my vision and portrayed my thoughts through the painting. When we received the photo of our completed painting, we were so thrilled. But we were absolutely blown away to see the painting in real life. There is truly something unique and special about Johanna's work . My particular painting, i was told, was completed with a pallet knife, which made the painting almost come to life. The workmanship and layered detail in our painting is so unbelievably amazing. When i saw it for the first time, my first thought was that "it looked like a painting from a museum and all i could think was how lucky we were. Johanna listened to all the details i had asked her to incorporate and truly went above and beyond as if it were a painting for herself. I cannot thank Johanna enough for everything she has done. I can only say that both my paintings will be cherished for the rest of our lives and be passed on from generations to generations. Johanna is truly something special and i would recommend her to anyone," Joelle K., Long Beach, C.A. 


"Johanna painted just amazing portraits of our two daughters when they were young...they have graced our living room all these years and I am so grateful to have them. Johanna magnificently captures the spirit and personality of her subject in every painting. She is a true master!", Carolynn & Kevin Cozen, Malibu, C.A. 


“Thank you so much. Such lovely work AGAIN. I delighted with the portrait”, Dr. David Callendar. Repeat portrait client.


"Johanna is truly an exceptionally gifted artist. Knowing her personally for many years and watching her work, I have come realize that painting for her; as with all great artists, is an obsession. She simply has to paint; and paint she does. She has been commissioned to paint portraits for some of the most prominent people in the world. She focuses on and captures not only their character, presence, and personalities, but in the final portrait, she captures their souls. I am excited to watch her as she becomes one of the top portrait artists in the world. While many of us will be wondering how to grow older with the grace of life, she will be painting it, in and around us," Ms. Lucinda Bassett, TV personality life coach and author.


"Johanna's work is simply amazing. We love our portrait and would not have anyone else paint our other children!!!", Katherine M., Charleston, South Carolina.


”Johanna is an amazing Portrait Artist….class, talent, and just the right stroke of genius in her catching the personality ….Bravo.” - Becky H. Austin, Texas.

"My sweetheart loved the portrait! You not only captured my image so well but unveiled and projected my feelings and thoughts through it. The depth of your work is really impressive. You are the best! Thank you very much.” - Dinka D, Santa Monica, CA


"Johanna's focus on her subject is paramount from the onset. Her depth of understanding color & light was essential in capturing our daughter's image and essence. This is a keepsake to be treasured for many years to come. Thank you for the lovely experience." —K & R, Los Angeles


"We love our portrait painting from Johanna and the passion she had for creating it. We also enjoyed the whole creative process— Johanna is smart, professional and fun!." - Mrs Zuzka P., Paciific Pallisades, CA.

Bevery Hills, CalifornBy ills, Californiars. Zuzka very Hills, Califo

"Johanna did a fabulous job painting my mother, Abigail Barraza. She is very passionate about her work. I have the painting hanging in my home, and everyday I look at it, I feel as if my mother is still near to me, the painting lets me connect with my mom in so many ways. Thank you Johanna, because of you I can see my mothers beautiful face daily and know that she is never forgotten." —Monique Barazza

"From Johanna's portrait of my 17 year-old daughter, Erica, I learned the difference between a photograph and a portrait. A photograph can capture a moment in time but Johanna's painting tells a story, creates a fairytale that is timeless - one that can be treasured for generations to come." —Deborah Leshon, Westlake Village, California

“My dearest Johanna: I am crying now and my mascara is running down my face! Please know that the portrait you painted of me is way beyond all of my wildest expectations" —Mrs. G.P.S., Cody, Wyoming.

"Tuesday May 15th was a truly memorable day for me. Firstly it was the last day of my Mayoralty, secondly I had the honour to lunch with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is a wonderful lady and I was quite at ease as she is so charming. Then to end my day, I arrived home to find the portrait by Johanna. What a magnificent piece of work by this tremendously talented artist, such a keen eye for the detail of the robes and regalia. It will remain an heirloom in my family forever. Thank you Johanna." -Councillor Gilli Lewis-Lavender, London, U.K.

"I am so happy to share with you the ongoing blessing at our seminary because of the lovely, tender, yet powerful and captivating likeness you captured in the portrait of my husband, Ric, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary. Your focus on his character and personality are truly wonderful. This is a gift which will continue to give to others for many years because through it's use we're encouraged to "honor the past and look forward to the future". Also, becoming your friend is a great joy to all of us. With love, appreciation, and admiration", Rachel Cannada.

"The experience was a very rich one for me. My wife and I are extremely pleased (with the portrait). We feel you did a terrific job. The facility under construction in the background is a great touch." —Dr. Billy Dunlap

" Everyone was completely blown away. My wife and her mom stated how it was like he was with us in the room. Everyone commented about the eyes, how perfect they were. How natural he looked. His face, forehead, hair with the grey at the temples, the compliments, the amazement, went on and on. It was one of life’s magical moments for all in the room. There wasn’t a dry eye. And YOU created it! It simply could not be more perfect." —Dr. George P., Florida

"In August 11th 2009 I lost one of my best friends Nicky who I grew up with. This was a hard day for me. I grew up with Nicky and he we went through a lot over the years. He introduced me to all of my friends that I have today and many more. I felt strongly about remembering my dear friend, and I felt there is no better way for me to remember my friend then to have Johanna Spinks paint a portrait. I noticed some people got tattoo's to remember our friend who we lost. However I thought a painting would be unique in a different way. The colors that Johanna used in the painting really brings out the skill of Johanna as well as the true beauty of the piece. I believe its a great symbol in my life. And means a lot to me." - Sam S., New York City

"The paintings turned out beautiful, thank you so much! It has a modern feel, yet I love that you kept it classic. And I love the eyes! " —Mrs. M.O., Wyoming, three child portrait.

"We were thrilled to receive Johanna's portraits of our two sons. The way in which she captured their spirt, their essence, took our breath away. Johanna is kind, professional, and inspiring, and it was an absolute joy to work with her. We will treasure the portraits she has created." —Lauren Tom and Curt Kaplan, Montreal, Canada.

"We were absolutely stunned at the beauty of Johanna's portrait of our Anna. She understood exactly what we were hoping for in the painting and brought it into being. She is a true talent and we now have something very special that we will cherish forever. Thank you, Johanna!”,  J.R., Camarillo, CA.

"Johanna is the rare artist whose superlative painting skills are only surpassed by her positive attitude. Working with her was a delight, as was the process creating the portrait of our son. She worked beautifully with our very 'active' two year old and produced a magnificent portrait to be treasured for generations to come." — Peter & Kristi, Utah. 

"Johanna, thank you for the exceptional portrait. You captured the pure essence of our daughter in an elegant and timeless image that will be cherished in our family for many years to come. It is exactly what we hoped for, and a true work of art. Your craftsmanship is unparalleled. It is more than a portrait - it is a museum-quality painting. Thank you again." - C.B., Malibu, C.A. 

"Thank you again for the exquisite portrait you painted of our three daughters. We love the way it turned out and so appreciate the artistry and accomplishment reflected in this piece. You adeptly captured the essence of each daughter's personality with uncanny accuracy and you managed to create a portrait full of intrigue and interest. Your decision to add an intricate and a richly detailed still life to this portrait was a wonderful touch - a beautiful "painting within a painting". In short, thanks for doing a superb job. The portrait will gracefully reside above our living room mantel as the art centerpiece of our home." —Liz and Ron G., Moorpark, CA


""Your painting of our boys fishing at our other home in Scotland so captured "the feeling" of their lives there that my son exclaimed while staring at the painting ' I miss Scotland'. Although our plans were for this painting to hang in our house there at the foot of the highlands, my husband muttered while standing in front of your painting:" I have to look at this every day. It must stay with us in New York." —Mrs D. S.., New York City.

"You are a gifted and masterful artist who is a able to capture the essence of people with such depth and accuracy, and at the same time weave in the intricacies of beautifully composed still life to create a grand work of art. Each of your pieces is unique, yet identifiably bear your signature elegant style. The viewer can't help but walk into one of your paintings...if only for a few moments to ponder the artist's vision of the people within and to marvel at the intrigue. You are the best! The portrait is absolutely exquisite." —Liz G., Moorpark, CA. Repeat portrait client.

"You did such a fabulous job capturing the youthful exuberance and friendship that our two sons shares with each other that it took our breath away. We are absolutely delighted with all aspects of the portrait and are looking forward to working with you again to paint the boys for us when they are a little older. You are delightful to work with and a truly great artist. We will cherish the portrait for many years to come." - Wyatt Family, TX.


"You have brought such joy into our lives." K. Austin, Newport Beach, C.A. Two daughter portraits.


 "I absolutely love it, the way your painting captured my little girl in her innocence, she looks peaceful and content." - Ashley B., Northern C.A.


"Thank you for sharing your creative journey and your amazing work. Your fellow traveler from India (portrait of) has such depth of feeling. You’ve literally captured her Divine Soul, a very rare, I think, thing to be seen in a portrait. This truly ranks as one of the finest portraits ever. Just stunning in every way," C. B. Los Angeles, C.A.


"Dear Johanna: What can I say? Thank you so much for the wonderful painting. I am very impressed. You have a real talent and have managed to capture 'me' very well. I shall have it framed adn find a special spot at home to hang it." - T.S., London. 


"Unpacked the paintings this morning.... WOW!!! Couldn't be more pleased... Can't wait to show Mia... Thank-You.  XOXOX", Mrs N.T., Salt Lake City, Utah. 


"Johanna, Thank you for this wonderful portrait. I look forward to our next collaboration!", Dr. D. C., Los Angeles, California


"I can't thank Johanna enough for the amazing masterpiece of my daughter she painted. "Sienna" has touched my heart. See for yourself online," Sharon W., Westlake Village, California.




"Could not have been a more delightful experience. Besides the portrait being wonderful, being with her and talking was also great. She even made me look handsome," Sheldon Brown, publisher The Ventura Breeze,  Ventura California


"I can't thank you enough for the gift you've given me in this piece. It is a permanent official reminder for me of Mummy's beautiful spirit. You have been blessed with an amazing talent and intuition, and I have been very fortunate to have been touched by these. You were exactly the one to have done this portrait." 

R.H. Los Angeles, CA. Posthumous portrait painted for a memorial in Trinidad.


"Thank you so very much. I'm still taken aback. FYI, my little dog kept staring at the portrait and started trembling. She would not take her eyes off the face. A little eerie, yet wonderful," S.B., Pasadena, C.A.


"Words cannot adequately describe the joy and happiness your painting of Emily has brought us, and will continue to bring us throughout our lives. We thank you for using your considerable talent to capture her spirit and give us this timeless and most beautiful piece of art," S. S. , Camarillo, C.A.


"Thank you for creating such an exquisite portrait of my children. Len and I truly adore the painting and we will certainly cherish it for many years to come! It is certain to become a future family heirloom. I feel so blessed that we will always be able to remember this special time in our lives because your captured the essence of our children's childhood, "Kristy S., Malibu, C.A.





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